Centre for Aquaculture Competence AS
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What is  “CAC” (Centre for Aquaculture Competence AS).


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Foto: Jan Inge Haga

CAC is a large scale experimental fishfarm used for documentation purposes.


CAC was established in 2003 by and owned by Marine Harvest  AS, Skretting AS and Akvagroup ASA. The large scale fishfarm reseach facility has 3 R&D concessions, 960m3 barge with a laboratorium, 12 steelcages and is fully equipped for largescale expeimental use.


CAC is used as a test station for Akvagroup products before commersiallisation of their feeding and underwater equipment.


CAC Partners are skretting ARC, Nifes, Norwegian Institute for Veterinarians and Institute for Marine Reseach.


CAC is cooperating with the Norwegian Fishery authorities in various projects regarding wildfisk- salmon interactions and environmental studies.


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